Place floating image / back to top icon

 Has not been one day since the countless pairs icon Back to the top, it also has many colleagues who ask how of the way. Icon back to the top is actually useful to leap from page to page down the top, so colleagues will not have to do ScrollBar on the browser.

By the way, are also easy to install, please lead on the HTML page, and then place the code on the tag below

What relationship with Float image?

you certainly have never seen a picture of its float / float on the web page, well above the actual script is not only to function Back to the top, if we sharp and we can also place image as Float.

Banner Position Top-Left

Banner Position Top-Right

Banner Position Bottom-Left

Banner Position Bottom-Right

If you want to play with the code above, partners can set their own distance with the position of the image set code bottom: 5px; right: 5px; if not satisfied also try a little play with it would position: fixed; with the position: absolute; position: relative; and position: static;.

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