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New Features: Blogger Post Editor (blogger in draft) - I’m not bored to make the user happy :), today, blogger launch the newest feature at Blogger Post Editor, such as usually this service just found at draft blogger. If you just login to blogger standard page this feature can’t found. Do you want to try? But, before that you should login at

Review from the last. Now, post editor looks more stable and compatible almost at Improved Image Handling and Improved Raw HTML. Here there something look different, usually preview of the text showed at the same page but here preview of the text showed at the new window.

The others new feature stays at Post Option, here we can organize by our self Edit HTML Settings and Compose Settings. For Edit HTML settings there two setting that we can choose, the one is "change new line become
" or "cancel”, meanwhile for Compose HTML we also can choose the one is "translate type HTML " or "Showed the original HTML". For the other feature you can try by yours.

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