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Hostgator Opens The GateIf you spend hours upon hours writing about a subject and start to get a web following, the owner of the blog template or blog server can just shut you down. An example of this would be if you used WordPress Blogs and also used WordPress hosting, you will have to write only what they do not consider offensive. If you try to do Affiliate marketing with a WordPress hosted blog, they WILL just shut it down because Affiliate marketing is against THEIR rules.
Don't start your blog by being held accountable to an organization that can just pull your plug. You should want to have total control of your blog because it is your blog. It is what you feel and if you are the one taking the time to write, you should have total control of what is said. The freedom of the web is there, as long as you don't surrender that freedom by signing up for a "Free" hosting package. The freedom is really not free at all.
Consider taking TOTAL control by getting a web hosting service. The fee to have a single blog is not more than $5.00 a month. The low price is hard to believe when you consider how little you can buy today for $5.00. What you need to do is go to a well known organization like Hostgator because you know they will be here for awhile. If you use HostGator you do not have to worry about them running off into the night and leaving you server-less.

HostGator is a GREAT company and they are friendly and they have dedicated and prompt customer service based right in America. The purpose of using HostGator is that they have computers called servers, which is where all of the data from your blog resides. They provide a link between you and the Internet. The server space that you rent is where you store all of the information you want to travel around on the Internet. Click on the photo above for more information on HostGator.

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